Maintenance: How-To Videos

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Plumbing Issues

Unclog a Sink

Unclog a Shower

Fix a Clogged Toilet

Replace a Toilet Flapper

Shut Off Valve During a Water Leak

Repair a Leaky Sink Faucet

How to Replace Faucet Aerator

Reset a Garbage Disposal

Electrical Issues

Reset a GFCI Outlet

Fix Your Breaker Box

Appliance Issues

Is Your Refrigerator Not Working?

Dishwasher Have a Foul Odor?

How To Clean Your Dryer Vent

Heating & Air Conditioning Issues

Replace Thermostat Batteries

Change Your Air Filter

A/C Not Blowing Cold Air?

How To Unclog Condensation Drain Line of A/C Unit

Garage Issues & Other Topics

Manually Open Garage Door

How To Program New Garage Door Opener

How To Change Smoke Detector Batteries

How To Winterize Your Home

Pest Control Tips

Repair and Replace Window Screens

Fix a Bifold Door Off Track

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Residents of single-family rental homes have a lot of responsibility, whether it’s mowing the lawn, managing pest control, or keeping gutters clean.  Our ResiPro experts are here to make sure that responsibility feels like a breeze!  With our handy maintenance how-to videos, along with some expert advice, our maintenance team is here to equip you with the know-how to fix any leak, unclog any drain and avoid major issues with your rental home.

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