How To Replace Thermostat Batteries

Quick Reference: How To Replace Thermostat Batteries

Having working batteries in your thermostat means your HVAC system won’t shut off if the power goes out! It’s great to get in the habit of changing these batteries once per year so you are prepared.

There are several indicators that you may need to change your thermostat batteries:

  • Low battery indicator light on your thermostat
  • Your A/C or furnace isn’t operating reliably
  • Your thermostat shows a blank or dimming screen
  • You can’t set your thermostat or turn your HVAC system on

How to replace the batteries:

If you have a battery-operated thermostat, you will typically have to remove the front plate of the thermostat to change the batteries. Look around the edges of your thermostat to see if there are any areas to grab on to in order to remove it – there may be a button or handle for easy removal. Don’t use excess force. You should be able to carefully snap it off! Once you have popped off the front plate of your thermostat, you will need to replace the batteries.

The batteries you need will likely be one of these 3 types:

  • AA
  • AAA alkaline
  • 3V lithium

After you change the batteries, pop or slide the face back on and you’re good to go!

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Save Power, Save Money

  • Nice weather outside? Open your windows!  Turning off your thermostat not only saves power, it also saves money and is a great idea during beautiful days.  Open your windows and screened doors to bring in fresh air and good temperatures.
  • Turn on a fan instead!  If you only need a light breeze to keep cool, use your ceiling fans or stand-up fans as an alternative to air conditioning.  You can save on energy and costs!
  • Check your air filters!  Before you pump up the heat or A/C, make sure you’ve changed out your air filter(s). A clogged filter could be preventing air from flowing more freely into your home. To learn how to change air filters, check out our video here.