How To Reset a Garbage Disposal

Quick Reference: How To Reset a Garbage Disposal

Sometimes when your garbage disposal stops working, all it needs is a simple reset! Safety tip – please be sure to never stick your hand down inside your garbage disposal. Instead, follow these simple steps:

Step 1. Turn off the garbage disposal. This is typically an electrical switch under your sink or nearby. Check to see if there’s an electric plug for this switch. If that somehow came unplugged from the outlet, that could be your problem!

Step 2. Once your disposal is turned off, press the reset button. This is typically a red button located on the underside of your garbage disposal.

Step 3. Once this button has been reset, turn the water on cold and turn your garbage disposal back on. Your garbage disposal should now be running properly!

If your garbage disposal is still not working, just give us a call at (470) 205-2224 or submit a maintenance request in your resident portal. We’re here to help!

How to Keep Garbage Disposal Clean

The garbage disposals is an extremely handy appliance, helping you keep your kitchen clean, make dinner cleanup easy, and reduce nasty smells. Want to make sure it’s always working? Use the tips:

  • Run cold water during and immediately after use to ensure any remaining food particles are dissolved and disappear.
  • Do not grind up hard foods or fibrous foods, such as avocado pits, hard seeds, chicken bones, corn husks or celery stalks. Both can cause jams with the garbage disposal blades.
  • Regularly clean the garbage disposal by mixing ½ cup baking soda & ½ cup white vinegar, pouring it into your garbage disposal along with water, and then running the disposal.