How To Work Your Breaker Box

Quick Reference: Your Breaker Box

Your breaker box, or electrical panel, is what supplies the power to your home. Sometimes, the breaker box may automatically shut off a circuit if it detects an unsafe overload. If you have a light or outlet that isn’t working, it may just be the breaker!

How to work your breaker box:

It’s simple! First, open up your breaker box door. Here you will see many switch controls, each of which control the flow of electricity to different areas of your home. Then, detect which switch might be tripped. Typically you can tell because the switch is flipped towards the middle of the control. Reset the switch by moving it to OFF and then moving it to ON. That’s it! You reset the switch control.

Is it an outlet issue and not the breaker box?

If the issue is with an outlet and this doesn’t fix the issue, check out our video on Resetting an Outlet.

If the issue persists, please give us a call at (470) 205 2224 or submit a maintenance request to your resident portal.

The Importance of Labels

Making sure your breaker box has appropriate labels will make your life a lot easier, especially when you blow a fuse, your power goes out, or you need to reset an appliance. If your labels aren’t correct, update them by simply writing over the old label.  It’s that simple!